We treat the overload of electrical circuits, a blown fuse, a short circuit, the change of electrical panel or water damages … We also intervene on malfunctions of electrical devices: water heating systems, radiators, switches, sockets…

We can also regularly perform replacement of lamp bulbs/lamp fixings in your store or in your home.

Whatever your problem, we intervene as soon as possible to ensure the security of all your electrical installations.




Electrical standards, which aim to guarantee comfort and safety, are constantly evolving.
If your electrical installation is non-compliant, you run the risk of suffering domestic accidents such as fire or electric shock which can have serious consequences.
To avoid any incidents, we start by checking whether your installation meets the regulations (NFC 15-100).
We then establish the correct diagnostic before intervening.

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Travaux électricité


You want to modify your interior, your shop, your store?
This is without a doubt an opportunity to review and modernize your electrical systems.
Technical solutions, materials, colours, shapes… The choice is vast and so are the solutions.
And when we renovate, we naturally check compliance with safety standards, and take corrective actions if necessary.

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Whether you need a partial and scalable home automation solution for your comfort or to secure your home or workplace, or you want a complete home automation system to automate everything, we are at your disposal and will be able to advise you.

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Branchement coffret de communication


Homes become communicating.
The electrical and communications networks must get along without interference.
Electricians must know the NFC15-100 standard.
As part of the implementation of the NFC 15-100 standard, we install in your electrical panel, a “Communication” section.
It allows you to manage the telephone line(s), the Internet, television, etc.
It ensures the correct distribution of the various signals in all surfaces, via for example, the installation of RJ45 wall sockets.

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Do you want to acquire an electric vehicle (or rechargeable hybrid) for your own or for your business? Are you already an electric vehicle driver?

Charging equipment is essential to recharge your battery serenely.

With ITELEC you can easily install a reinforced charging station or wall outlet for your electric car, directly in your house or at your workplace.

Did you know ? The 2020 Energy Transition Tax Credit (CITE) gives you access to financial assistance of 300 euros for the installation of your charging station.

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Borne de recharge